Maeve is a happa artist, comics enthusiast, and Foreign Rights Agent based in Portland, OR.

She is open for commissions of Illustration, Subsidiary Rights, and Comics projects.


A Witches Heart, 2017

On a quest to restock their supply of human hearts, three witches face their
toughest challenge yet: town. A story about the arcane magic of the human heart and platonic murder.

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Bloodsport, 2016

When an intergalactic centaur is injured in battle and falls to earth, the last thing she expects is to meet a carnivorous nymph. A comic about friendship
with quite a lot of blood.

Bloodsport will be available to read in Volume Two of the Lilies Anthology. More information here.

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Morning Glories at Midnight, 2015

What happens when a bee-keeping Werewolf meets his lonely neighbor, a Vampire obsessed with morning glories? A comic about magical hijinx, friendship, and weird science.

Available to read for free at Tapastic.

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Velvet & Scale: Prologue, 2015

Prince Dim never wanted to be a prince, but when his betrothed is dragon-napped on their wedding day and his sister steals his identity, he finds out being a princess is even harder. Especially when he gets snatched by a dragon of his own! What\\’s a prince in distress to do? And could he be falling in love?

This prologue was created in 10 days for the September 2015 Gumroad Small Product Lab.

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For more sketches and traditional art, follow me @MaeveMacLysaght on Tumblr.



Bloodsport: Original comic, published in Lilies Anthology, 2016
Morning Glories at Midnight: Original comic, 2016
Velvet & Scale Prologue: Original comic, 2015


Heathen’s Greetings: A Foxhole Court Winter Fanzine, 2016
The Raven Arcana: A Raven Cycle Fanzine, 2016
The Arts of Arda: A Tolkein Art Anthology, 2016


School for Visual Arts, New York, NY | Continuing education courses, Spring 2015
New York University, New York, NY | Summer Publishing Institute, Summer 2014
Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA | Bachelor of Arts Magna Cum Laude,
Major: English Literature, Minor: Japanese, Classics, May 2014
Tokyo International University, Kawagoe, Japan | Study Abroad, Fall 2012

Awards and Honors
Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society, Senior Award 2014
Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society

Professional Experience

Foreign Rights Assistant, December 2014 – June 2016
Scholastic Inc, New York, NY
Publishing and Production Assistant, March 2015 – December 2015
Scholastic Inc, New York, NY
Literary Assistant, September 2014 – March 2015
Marina Carvainis Agency, New York, NY
Letterpress Volunteer, October 2014
Purgatory Pie Press, New York, NY