#MisadventureMay 2019

I took part in a lovely month-long drawing challenge, called Misadventure May. The goal was to create a single rambling story illustration, which ended up spanning two pages. I took some liberties with the prompts, but I hope you enjoy this adventure:

Days 1 & 2: Our Protagonist and a Companion for her Travels
Day 3: Our Heroes Overlooking a Kingdom
Day 4: Banner of the Shard Heart Kingdom
Days 5 & 6: A Bird Farmer and a Giant Walking Through Their Field
Days 7 & 11: A Barnyard Beast to Tame (or Learn From), and an Enchanted Helper
Day 8: A Grassy Beast Fight!
Day 9: A Magic Cabin in the Woods
Day 14: A Falling Star
Day 15 & 18: A Cosmic Being and a Neighboring Army
Day 16: An Artifact Gifted by the Cosmic Being
Day 17: A Fire Spirit
Day 20: A Magical Shopkeep

And finally, our complete maps:

First complete page of Misadventure May
Second complete page